Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from our websites or applications to your computer or device hard drive or Internet browser where it is saved. The cookie contains information to personalise your experience on our websites or applications and may improve your experience on the websites or applications. The cookie will also identify your device, like the computer or smart phone.

By using our websites or applications you agree that cookies may be forwarded from the relevant website or application to your computer or device. The cookie will enable us to know that you have visited the website or application before and but will not provide references to obtain personal data. We may also use the cookie to prevent fraud and for analytics.

You may configure your navigation system to block Cookies sent our web. However, the quality of the functioning of our Services may be affected.

Some services may use connectors with different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. By using the social register, you authorise the social network to store a persistent Cookie. This Cookie remembers your identification on the service, making access much faster on subsequent visits. This Cookie can be deleted, and you can also cancel the access permissions of School services from the privacy settings of the specific social network.