The Elementary School will celebrate the Autumn season and particularly the Harvest! More information coming soon!

Non-Uniform Day

It's the last day of the month, so students may choose what to wear to school!

Elementary Reading Week

This week the Elementary students will be celebrating the Joy of Reading through special activities and inter-class projects. Watch this space for further information!  

ECC Big Playground Scrub Up!

The ECC students take pride in looking after their beautiful garden by making sure the toys and play structures are nice and clean.

Kindergarten Winter Get Together

The Kindergarten students invite their families to join them in a cosy, creative celebration of the arrival of Winter! 

Nursery 4 Winter Get Together

The Nursery Four students look forward to welcoming their families for some frosty festivities! 

Nursery 3 Winter Get Together

Today it's the turn of the Nursery 3 students to invite their families to the ECC for some winter warmth and cheer!